Thursday, October 14, 2010


Harlem is vicious
Modernism.  BangClash.
Vicious the way it's made,
Can you stand such beauty.
So violent and transforming.”   
--Amiri Baraka

The Harlem Renaissance started with many African Americans moving to the north to escape the cruelty of the south. The movement to the African Americans meant change and hope for a better life. This time period, taking place around 1919 to the early 1930’s is named after Harlem, New York.  Some called this city “the Negro capital of the world.”
During this movement many things happened.  The Harlem Renaissance brought about new styles of music, literature, dance, and art.  This creativity redefined the way African Americans were perceived throughout the United States, and ultimately, the world.
Although the movement only lasted for a short amount of time, the influence and impact was great. Literature, art, music was forever changed. Not only were artists influenced by the great works produced during this time, but white Americans also became more familiar and open to African American works and culture.

[By Julia Torres and Jiwon Min]

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